Learn Colors

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    This app includes four activities to help children learn colors - red, green, blue, orange, brown, purple, yellow, white, and black. It also includes advanced colors - maroon, lime, cyan, pink, olive, violet, teal, peach, and grey. The first activity allows your child to press color buttons to hear the name of the color, see the spelling of the color, and see an animal with the associated color. The second activity provides a basic progressive quiz to help your child test their knowledge. The third activity displays random colors with a given animal to test your child to find the correct color in the question. The fourth activity is a basic coloring canvas, allowing your child to add animals and paint their color.

    Please try the free version that lets you learn the basic colors.

    The minimum android version supported is 1.6. It supports small phone screen sizes, and 7 to 10 inch sized tablets.

    No special permissions required.