Learn Drawing Cartoon Chars



Learn to draw cartoon characters with this fully-featured app containing 150 drawing tutorials.

You will gradually increase your skill by practising the lessons included. Learn to draw lots of your favourite characters from Batman, Dumbo, Nemo, Wall-E, Scooby Doo and Homer Simpson to drawing your own creations using techniques for features such as eyes, mouths and hair.

Here's a small sample of what's included:

How To Draw The Grinch
How To Draw A Wrestler
How To Draw A Dragon
How To Draw The Terminator
How To Draw Invader Zim
How To Draw Kenny
How To Draw Peter Griffin
How To Draw Squidward
How To Draw Plankton Spongebob Squarepants
How To Draw Kirby
How To Draw Toad
How To Draw A Goomba
How To Draw Mario
How To Draw Stewie From Family Guy
How To Draw Homer Simpson
6th Drawing Maggie Simpson Simpsons Hd
How To Draw Lisa Simpson
How To Draw Bart Simpson The Simpsons
24th Drawing Philip J Fry Futurama Hd
22nd Drawingdrzoidberg
26th Drawing Turanga Leela Futurama Hd
18th Drawing Bender Futurama Hd
4th Drawing Marge Simpson Simpsons Hd
28th Drawing Waylon Smithers Simpsons Hd
19th Drawing Chief Wiggum Clancy Wiggum Simpsons Hd
22nd Drawing Ned Flanders
How To Draw Steve American Dad
Drawing Brian Griffin
How To Draw Lois Griffin Family Guy

And much, much more!

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