Learn English - Animals Free




    Learn English - Animals Free
    See with your baby wonderful images of animals and learn the names of animals (English)! Also, the kid will see the анимал.
    Carefully selected image of animals will enable children not only learn the names of animals, but also show him the amazing beauty of the surrounding animal world!

    Learn English - Animals-in-1 versions of the applications are divided into three groups:
    1. Pets. The group collected, as the animals living on the farm and domestic animals:
    Dog, cat, horse, cow, goat, pig, sheep, rabbit, donkey, chicken, chicken, camel, Guinea pig, hamster, Turkey, Lama, goose, duck , etc.
    2. Fish.
    Swordfish, shark, Dolphin, whale, crucian carp, perch, dearie, fish - ball, SKAT, fish - hammer, угрь etc.
    3. Birds - animals living in all the earth.
    Eagle, hawk, vulture, chicken, Sinitsa, pigeon, pheasant, Sokol, stork, the parrot, the quail, the vulture, the Pelican, the gull, black kite, hummingbirds, duck, Swan, a Flamingo. etc.
    Additionally, the new animals will goes with the updates.