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Learn English Grammar


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Topics Covered

1. Parts Of Speech - Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Verb, Adverb,Preposition,Conjunction, Interjection
2. Phrases
3. Degree Of Comparison
4. Quantifiers
5. Relative Clauses
6. Tenses
7. Active and Passive Voice
8. Articles
9. Capitalization
10. Conditionals
11. Idioms
12. Gender
13. Gerunds
14. Homonyms
15. Number
16. Possessive
17. Question Tags
18. Subjects, Verbs and Objects
19. Use Of Little, A Little, Few, A Few.....
20. Vocabulary
21. Determiners -
a. What are Determiners
b. Definite Articles
c. InDefinite Articles
d. Exceptions To Using The Definite Article
e. The Demonstratives
f. The Possessives.
g. Which, What, Whose
h. Which And Whose
i. Such, What, Rather, Quite
j. Other, Another.

12. Distributives -
a. All,Both,Half
b. Each,Either,Every,Neither

13. Quantifiers
1. The Quantifiers
2. Cardinal And Ordinal Numbers
3. Enough + Noun
4. Graded Quantifiers
5. Quantifiers with countable and uncountable nouns
6. The Quantifiers Some and Any
7. The Quantifiers-A few and few, a little and little
8. The Quantifiers-Compound nouns made with SOME, ANY and NO

Practice Questions in
Collective Noun
Correct Form of Nouns
Correct Words
General Questions
Nouns to Verb
Plural Forms
Reported speech

This app also includes English Tenses.
Also Practice questions for Tenses.

App will also show the correct and wrong answer so that you can study better.

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We have made it the smallest size application size possible than any other similar application with more content.

Recently changed in this version

Added support for all kinds of screens and also support for latest Android Version.

Completely new Interface

Removed Splash Screen - Now go directly to the application.

UI is faster than ever

Practice section now has previous and next button to move forward and backward and see what you have answered?

Application Size reduced.

Old Updates

Use of Shall, should and Unless
Support for latest Android version.

More than 100 Practice Questions Added

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    by amir gerard on 09/09/2014

    Learn more English and become an American.

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    by Zubaer Rashid on 05/09/2014


  • (50 stars)

    by Hercules Vang on 04/09/2014

    I feel that some of these grammars are incorrect. I was tought that when a word starts with a vowel, You use an "an" and not an "a." Example: I ate "an" Apple, and not, I ate "a" Apple. When I tried to pick "an" to go with European. I was told that I was wrong. You know how many times a professor will tell you to spe

  • (50 stars)

    by Kyaw Hlaing on 30/08/2014


  • (50 stars)

    by Peter Abdulai on 30/08/2014

    But dont want 2 download

  • (50 stars)

    by Alejandro Barrios on 29/08/2014

    Learn English Grammar

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    by Adel Saba on 27/08/2014


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