Learn English Lite for Kids

Learn English Lite for Kids

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Learn English for Kids is the ❸rd in a series of "Intelli-Gen Kids" apps.

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Learn English for Kids is useful for 'kids' of all ages who are beginning to learn the English language.

✔ The app is particularly useful for learning alphabets, both 'lowercase' and 'uppercase', as well as for learning words, for each alphabet, that are most commonly used by kids in normal conversation.

✔ The app also includes a comprehensive listing of 2-6 letter words, in a feature titled "Words Bank" for each alphabet and provides an interface to "dictionary.com" to get the meaning of any word that kids don't understand.

✔ The app also teaches many more words, such as Number words, Days, Months, Animals, Birds, Planets, Continents etc, that kids learn during their early years while learning the English language. All this is made more interesting with the help of pleasing animations that keep the children engrossed during learning.

The "Alphabets" feature of the app app works in two (2) different modes -

✦ Alphabets Learning Mode (ALM)
✦ Words Learning Mode (WLM)

✤ In Alphabets Learning Mode, tapping a letter on the screen speaks out the letter that is tapped. It helps kids in learning the alphabets and their pronunciation.

✫ Alphabets Learning Mode is activated by tapping the green icon at the top right and it displays [a b c] or [A B C] when this mode is activated.

✫ Tapping the [A<>a] icon at the top left toggles the alphabets between 'upper' case and 'lower' case.

✤ In Words Learning Mode, tapping a letter shows another screen with a title word and image for the word shown on the screen. The app also speaks out the word shown on the screen helping kids learn the words easily. Kids can tap on the Title word or the Image shown to hear the sound of the word again.

✫ Words Learning Mode is activated by tapping the same green icon at the top right again and it displays [a -> apple] or [A -> Apple] when this mode is activated.

✤ Another option ['Alphabet' - Words] at the bottom right on this page leads to a screen with more words and images for the selected alphabet. Tapping a word or its image speaks out the word helping the child learn the words and their pronunciation.

✤ "Words Bank" option on these pages leads to a list of words for the selected alphabet. Tapping a word displays it in a small window at the top and the child can press the "Get Definition" option to get detailed explanation of the selected word from "dictionary.com"

✹ Numbers, Days, Months, Planets, Continents, Colors, Animals and Birds
✫ The app also enables children to learn how these words are written and spoken in English language. Tapping the words in these screens speaks out the way these words are spoken.

✔ The app is invaluable for kids to not only start learning English but also to enhance their vocabulary and learn more and tougher words as they get comfortable with the simpler ones.

Learn English Lite for Kids is a limited version of the full featured app.
➨ Sound for all the alphabets and words is enabled in the full featured 'Learn English for Kids'.
➨ Words Bank is shown for letter 'A to E' in the Lite version.
➨ Numbers, Days, Months, Animals, Birds, Planets and Zodiac words are enabled in the full featured 'Learn English for Kids'.

♚ Go ahead and download your copy right now to make your child an "Intelli-Gen Kid".

The full featured "Learn English for Kids" is available at:

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Dec 6, 2012 - 1st Rel
Feb 25, 2013 - Many more features included in the Lite version, including major UI improvements.
Mar 30, 2013 - Improved user interface and easy access to various features.

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  • (69 stars)

    by Emaan Shahzad on 17/12/2013

    Good app but time wasting or one thing more it stuck too much so next time carefully and I also want reply that it stuck now ok and u all see my command ok

  • (69 stars)

    by sana fatema on 20/09/2013

    Amazing aap

  • (69 stars)

    by Mary Jo Rodriguez on 11/03/2013

    My kids really are able to learn

  • (69 stars)

    by Andrew Nguyen on 05/03/2013