Learn French Travel :En



Learn conversational French
with everything you need while traveling
Most of the phrases you need to travel
Here are some phrases that you will need when you travel, whether by land, air or sea, some of the rules that you will see at the airport, if you rent a car
Or book a hotel or if you go to the bank or if you must use the automatic exchange machine.
English expressions that will be used.
The correct pronunciation of each sentence in French
Conversation in the following cases:
Rent a car
Living in a hotel
Talking to strangers
Book the hotel
Traveling by bus and train
Travelling by boat
Travel by plane
Ask for directions
Drinks and food
Hotels and accommodation
Museums and exhibitions
the departure
Fast food
Passports and customs
Buy tickets
Phrases market
Sentences at the airport
Phrases that you can see
Sentences at the station
aboard the aircraft
at the hotel
the bank
At the tourist information office
the travel agency
A practical example in a hotel

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