Our children really need help to develop mentally, emotionally, morally, and spiritually. This book will offer good things to our children. Parents should offer it.

1. Why Jesus Was a Great Teacher
2. A Letter From a Loving God
3. The One Who Made All Things
4. God Has a Name
5. “This Is My Son”
6. The Great Teacher Served Other People
7. Obedience Protects You
8. Others Are Higher Than We Are
9. We Need to Resist Temptations
10. Jesus' Power Over the Demons
11. Help From God's Angels
12. Jesus Teaches Us to Pray
13. Those Who Became Jesus' Disciples
14. Why We Should Forgive
15. A Lesson on Being Kind
16. What Is Truly Important?
17. The Way to Be Happy
18. Do You Remember to Say Thank You?
19. Is It Right to Fight?
20. Do You Always Want to Be First?
21. Should We Brag About Anything?
22. Why We Should Not Lie
23. The Reason People Get Sick
24. Never Become a Thief!
25. Can Those Who Do Bad Things Change?
26. Why It Is Hard to Do Good
27. Who Is Your God?
28. How to Know Whom to Obey
29. Do All Parties Please God?
30. Help to Overcome Our Fears
31. Where to Find Comfort
32. How Jesus Was Protected
33. Jesus Can Protect Us
34. What Will Happen if We Die?
35. We Can Wake Up From Death!
36. Who Will Be Resurrected? Where Will They Live?
37. Remembering Jehovah and His Son
38. Why We Should Love Jesus
39. God Remembers His Son
40. How to Make God Happy
41. Children Who Make God Happy
42. Why We Need to Work
43. Who Are Our Brothers and Sisters?
44. Our Friends Should Love God
45. What Is God's Kingdom? How to Show We Want It
46. Water Destroys a World—Will It Happen Again?
47. How We Can Tell Armageddon Is Near
48. God's Peaceful New World—You Can Live There

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