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Hindi-English flash card widget will enchant your time, by giving your ability to learn new Hindi words or phrases just by looking at you home screen. It’s incredibly fast, convenient, simple, and easy to use. It requires no configuration, no internet connection and no android permissions.


• In a single day you normally look at your phone’s home-screen more than 60 times a day.
• Daily over an hour of your time goes to waste!


The flash card widget will always show five commonly used verbs, adjectives, nouns or two phrases in English and Hindi language.
When you’re comfortable to change the current set, simply press the refresh button and five new verbs or two new phrases will pop up. It uses a set of 4000 most common English and Hindi words and about 600 most used phrases.
The flash card will also pronounce English words or sentences with English pronunciation. You just need to tap the word.


If you want a simple but powerful widget, that will help you increase your English\Hindi vocabulary on a daily basis, than give it a try!

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