Learn Japanese useful phrases



This is the version of other 12 series highlighting.

An application that everyday easy to understand situations with illustrations.

Giving you the easiest for the listener to understand Japanese. And also giving you the polite options with native Japanese pronunciations.

• I made it.
• What do you want to eat for lunch?
• Don't you think it was your ex-girlfriend?
• Maybe, I'll buy shoes.
• I need a new outfit for the single's party.
• That guy is really cool.
• That's bullshit!
• What's so funny?
• I'm feeling much better.
• Now or never.
• Have you been waiting long?
• Could you tell me where the restrooms are?
• The post office is very close.
• How does the shower work?
• Can you recommend any cafes around here?
• Is this a new product?
• How should I eat this?
• I lost my wallet.
• What's the opposite of that word?
• What should I say when I have been offended?
• How do you explain that word in Japanese?
• I don't even know how to say it in my language.
• Have you got a girlfriend?
• Do you like anyone right now?
• How about going to a movie this weekend?
• Time passes so slowly, when I'm not with you.
• How many people have you gone out with before?
• Don't be so persistent.
• I don't like you anymore.

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