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Learn Math is to help toddlers, Kids, childrens and also adults to learn math. Learn Math in an easy way.
Learn Math is for kids who are starting to learn math. Kids can learn to count, add, subtract, multiply and divide. The app introduces these concepts in stages of increasing complexity. Kids can practice and pick up these skills at their own pace.
Ther are setting to delay the answer

Count 1 to 10.

Count 1 to 100.

Count 10 to 1.

Count 100 to 1.

Choose one, two or three digits additions.

Choose one, two or three digits subtractions.

Choose one, two or three digits Multiplications.

Choose one, two or three digits Multiplications.

Times tables
Easy access to all the times tables.

Options to change the Text Color & Text Size, Answer Delay if the application is not in quiz mode, Quiz Mode, No of Digits fot addition, subtraction, Multiplications & division.

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