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Learn Sign Language

Learn Sign Language


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Learn Sign Language is a brilliant app that will introduce you to the world of communication by sign language.

Now without breaking sweat you can go through this easy to learn course and find out more about the wonders of signing!

There are 197 Lessons available with the first 27 included with the purchase, the remaining lessons can be added as and when you are ready to progress!

Alphabet & Numbers
Basic Signing
Family Words
Food And Beverages
Common Phrases & Words
Signing Opposites
Everyday Words
Common Objects
Introducting Yourself
Talking About Yourself
Essential Expression
Simple Sentences
Cleaning Phrases
Who What Where When Why?
Bonus Sign Language Love Song
Signing Song 1
Common Phrases : How To Sign Common Phrases
Common Phrases : How Sign Pronouns
Common Phrases : Basic For Telephone, Book, Radio
Alphabet & Numbers : Learn Basics
Alphabet & Numbers : Alphabet Lesson
Alphabet & Numbers : How To Sign Letters A, B, & C
Signing Time! 'Nice To Meet You'
Happy Valentine's Day From Signing Time!
Spring Into Signing Time!
Signing Time! Counting
Signing Time Halloween Signs
Cross - Sign
Amen - Sign
Bible - Sign
Jesus - Sign
Messiah - Sign
Preach - Sign
Preacher - Sign
Priest - Sign
Savior - Sign
Worship - Sign
Basic Words
Greetings & Etiquette
Sign Languge Family
Sign Langauge Around The House (Part One)
Sign Langauge Around The House (Part Two)
Colors & Shapes
Days Of The Week
Clothes (Part One)
Clothes (Part Two)
Clothes (Part Three)
Christmas Edition
Types Of Sign Language
Thanksgiving Edition
Body Parts
Baby - For Babies
Abc Song/Alphabet - American Version
Apartment - Sign For Apartment
Aunt- Sign For Aunt
Baby - Sign For Baby
Bee - Sign For Bee
Bath - Sign For Bath
Big - Sign For Big
Birthday - Sign For Birthday
Bunny (Rabbit) - Sign For Bunny (Rabbit)
Bicycle (Bike ) - Sign For Bicycle (Bike)
Brother - Sign For Brother
Ball - Sign For Ball
Balloon - Sign For Balloon
Batteries - Sign For Batteries
Bear - Sign For Bear
Bed - Sign For Bed
Black - Sign For Black
Change- Sign For Change
Cheese - Sign For Cheese
Cookie - Sign For Cookie
Chicken- Sign For Chicken
Bread - Sign For Bread
Clouds - Sign For Clouds
Cracker - Sign For Cracker
Boat - Sign For Boat
Book - Sign For Book
Cousin - Sign For Cousin
Boy - Sign For Boy
Broken - Sign For Broken
Bubbles - Sign For Bubbles
Bug - Sign For Bug
Butterfly - Sign For Butterfly
Brown - Sign For Brown
Cage- Sign For Cage
Car - Sign For Car
Cat - Sign For Cat
Caterpillar - Sign For Caterpillar
Cold - Sign For Cold
Chair - Sign For Chair
Cry - Sign For Cry
Cup - Sign For Cup
Cow - Sign For Cow
Color - Sign For Color
Computer- Sign For Computer
Daddy - Sign For Daddy
Dance - Sign For Dance
Dog- Sign For Dog
Doll - Sign For Doll
Dinosaur - Sign For Dinosaur
Doctor - Sign For Doctor
Diaper - Sign For Diaper
Dentist - Sign For Dentist
Cereal - Sign For Cereal
Dolphin- Sign For Dolphin
Don't Like - Sign For Don't Like
Drink - Sign For Drink
Elephant - Sign For Elephant
Eat - Sign For Eat
Duck - Sign For Duck
Farm - Sign For Farm
Fish - Sign For Fish
Flower - Sign For Flower
Fox- Sign For Fox
Fly - Sign For Fly
Finished - Sign For Finished
Glasses - Sign For Glasses
Airplane - Sign For Airplane
All Done - Sign For All Done
Day - Sign For Day
Night - Sign For Night
New - Sign For New
Octopus - Sign For Octopus
Owl - Sign For Owl
Party - Sign For Party
Pig - Sign For Pig
Piano - Sign For Piano
Pear - Sign For Pear
Play - Sign For Play
Police - Sign For Police
Queen - Sign For Queen
Potato - Sign For Potato
Please - Sign For Please
Proud - Sign For Proud
Potty - Sign For Potty
Rock - Sign For Rock
Rainbow - Sign For Rainbow
Scared - Sign For Scared
School - Sign For School
Same - Sign For Same
Share - Sign For Share
Shy - Sign For Shy
And more!

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