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This is an educational app with the goal to teach kids the alphabet and spelling in a fun and easy way. The app is very user-friendly and have 4 different levels where the children between 2-10 years can learn both lower and upper case letters as well as how to spell some simple words. Ideal as a first tool to teach your children how to read. Also contains a very good animation of a monkey singing the alphabet song!

* 6 different levels:
* The first level is an animation of a monkey singing the alphabet song to help the kids learn by singing.
* There is also a keyboard type level where the kids can press the different letters to hear their name and sound.
* The monkey says a letter for you to find among 4 different uppercase letters. If the wrong letter is pressed, the monkey will tell the name of that letter to try to educate also when the wrong letter is pressed.
* Same as first level, but this time only lower case letters
* Find the letter in a word (both lower and uppercase letters). Monkey also says the different letters to form the words and says the word out loud for kids to learn how spelling works.
* Re order the letters to create a word by dragging them to the correct box. The monkey will also help you if you are doing it wrong.
* Real voice
* Pronounciation of the letters
* Alphabet phonics
* Fun graphics to make game more interesting
* Learn spelling and alphabet is completely ad free, and is totally safe for your children

Alphabets supported: English and Swedish

Please note that if your child is very young or don't know the alphabet very well it might be good to spend some time to learn him/her the ropes in order to start the learning curve.

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