Learning Is Fun



Learning is fun is a great educational learning app for young children and parents alike.

There are fun lessons on reading, counting & spelling and much much more. Put some quality time in with your kids and see the benefits!

There are 135 lessons all together with the first 15 included.

How To Tell Kids Addition Stories
Teaching Kids Numbers With Dot Worksheets
Learning To Count Money Using Worksheets
Teaching Skip Counting By 2's
Teaching Skip Counting By 5's
Teaching Skip Counting By 10's
Teaching Kids Math With A Number Grid
Teaching Kids About Money Values
Teaching Kids To Count Dots When Adding
How To Teach Kids Numbers
How To Teach Kids Subtraction With Circles
How To Teach Kids Color & Shapes
Teaching Kids How To Sound Out Words
How To Teach Children To Read When Homeschooling
How To Use Flash Cards
How To Teach The Alphabet
Beginning Punctuation In Tutoring
Teaching Children About The Ending 'Y'
Supplies For Homeschooling Young Children
Flash Cards & Home Schooling
How To Teach Kids Phonics
A Parent's Guide To Teaching Reading: Vowels
A Parent's Guide To Teaching Reading: Rhyme Time!
A Parent's Guide To Teaching Reading: Vocabulary
A Parent's Guide To Teaching Reading: X Is Not For X-Ray!
Spelling 1
Spelling 2
Spelling 3
Spelling 4
Spelling 5
Spelling 6
Spelling 7
Spelling 8
Spelling 9
Spelling 10
Spelling 11
Spelling 12
Learn To Read 1
Learn To Read 2
Learn To Read 3
Shapes 1
Shapes 2
Continents And Oceans
Alphabet 2
Counting To 10
Counting To 20
Counting To 100
Colors Song
Colors Video For Kids
Colors In English
Children's: Colors 2
Color Robot
Children's Counting Tutorial - One To One Hundred
The Color Game
Colours Nouns Numbers And Adjectives
Learn Colors With The Color Train For Kids!
Learn Basic English Colors
The Color Song
The Color Song
Counting Numbers 1 - 10
Numbers 10 - 20
Numbers 20-100
Children's: Counting To 50
Whatcha' Gonna' Do? (Count By 2's 5's 10's)
Learn Basic English Numbers 6
More.Starfall Numbers!
Numbers 123
Count To 100! Count From 1 To 100 Song
Counting To 100 Fast - Number Board
Counting By 2
Numbers Help Me Count 1-20
Learn - Alphabet
Abc Song
Alphabet Song
Phonics (Abc) Song For Kids
The New Fast Alphabet - Abc Phonics Chant
Alphabet Town
Now I Know My Abc's
Abc Phonics Song
Super Simple Abcs Phonics Fun: A - I
Hand Washing Song
Sounds Of The Alphabet
Signs Alphabet
Days And Months For Kids
Flags Video For Kids
Alphabet Words
The Calendar Song
Opposites Are Tricky
Apple Apple Aaa From Sounds Like Learning Cd
Learn Shapes Interactive Video Quiz
Tooth Brushing For Kids
Do You Like Fruit?
An Alphabet Train - Learning Letters
Counting To 100 Fast - Creative Numerals
Me And My Mom
Animals Everywhere!
Learn Fruit Names
Kids Learn Verbs Teach Action Words
Animals Video For Kids
The Fruit Train - Learning For Kids
Count & Move From Super Simple Songs
Square Triangle Circle - Learning Shapes For Kids.
The Alphabet Song In Phonics
Days Of The Week
Clean Up Your Room
Fruits And Vegetables
The New Llama Song
The Apple Is Red
In On Under
Verbs - Studying Reading Writing
Counting Song For Children
Lots Of Shapes
Transport For Kids
Learn Basic English 3rd Person Daily Actions
Seasons Video For Kids
Months Of The Year
Shapes For Kids
Animal Flashcards In English
The Potato Song
Hand Washing For Kids
The Cucumber Song
Sports Video For Kids
Flashcards For Kids And Children In English
The Four Seasons
Nursery Rhymes - Days Of The Week
Learn Vowels

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