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LearnLight is a science app for visible light analysis. It allows you to compare two spectral image files to graph the intensity, transmittance, and absorbance of their visible light wavelengths.
Note!!!!!!: There is a startup crash in Android 4.4 I am looking at. Sorry for this, introduced by The system, so beyond my control. Looking for solutions.

Bug fix in version 1.5: Now all levels of Android should be able to use your own photos.

The intent of the app is for high school, college, or "lifelong" students to learn about visible light, spectrometry, spectroscopy, and spectrophotometry.

The iPad version, search the Apple App Store for LearnLight
This app was built by Dave Bomberg for flappit.com. It was inspired by, is designed to follow, the layout and educational materials developed by Dr. Alexander Scheeline at the University of Illinois. Dr. Scheeline developed a Windows Desktop application and supporting materials called "A Guided Inquiry Approach to Teaching How to Think About Analytical Instrumentation". HIs work was featured on Wired.com in an article titled: " In High School Chem Labs, Every Cameraphone Can Be a Spectrometer " His instructional materials (pdfs of teaching modules, student modules, Windows executables, and more) are available for free download at: http://www.asdlib.org/onlineArticles/elabware/Scheeline_Kelly_Spectrophotometer/index.html

Please DO NOT email Dr. Scheeline regarding questions about the LearnLight application.

Questions about LearnLight are welcomed at: apps@flappit.com! There is also a list of FAQs and a discussion group at https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!forum/learnlight

Instructions for how to build a photospectrometer with an LED light and diffraction grating, and materials for teachers and students are also linked in the apps HELP section. If you are unable to build your own spectrometer, a few example spectral images are included with this app. Have fun and learn about spectrometry!


1. Import photos taken on the Android camera, or downloaded from email from any digital camera.
2. Crop, name, save images
3. Select any 2 images to compare
4. Set spectrum width and blue/red endpoints
5. Plot intensity of both sample and reference
6. Plot only reference intensity
7. Plot only sample intensity
8. Plot transmittance
9. Plot absorbance
10. Capture and save Screenshots of any plot
11. email spectrum images or screenshots
12. email csv files for Excel(or any other spreadsheet program)

GOOGLE GROUP at http://groups.google.com/group/learnlight

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