Lily and the Animals




    Prepare your child for the next generation of learning with the Lily and the Animals application! This application is the first installment in a series designed to combine learning, interactive technology, and fun to introduce young children to the essential knowledge and skills they need at the next level!

    The significance of technology in the future of young children is evident. With the Lily and the Animals application, this age group can discover the world around them in an environment that prepares them for the learning style they can expect when they enter elementary school. In this installment, Lily shares her experiences on a trip to visit her grandparents who live on a farm. Your child works alongside Lily as she completes activities to help her grandparents. In the process of having fun with the activities, your child learns lessons that are key to their young lives!


    • Parents area
    As a parent, you will be able to check what your kid is learning, what are his strengths and weaknesses and what skills is developing.

    • Multiple Opportunities for Learning
    Young learners are hungry to explore the world. With the Lily and the Animals application, your child discovers colors, numbers, sounds, and much more. The lessons are designed to be perfect for the curious minds of ages!

    • Innovative Learning Concepts
    The Lily and the Animals application is based on the Education 3.0 approach to learning, which seeks to teach children outside of traditional learning environments. The Lily series of applications are designed to develop creativity, memory, vocabulary, and logic—key components for a bright future!

    • Four Games in 1
    As a parent, you know that variety keeps children from getting bored. This application includes a full-length story and four mini games that will surely keep your child engaged for hours. You should never have to hear cries of boredom!

    • Rich Learning Environment
    Vividly colored animation, interactive games, and engaging learning exercises—each page of the Lily and the Animals application presents your child with a valuable experience.

    • English, Spanish and Chinese Editions
    The Lily and the Animals application was first introduced in the Spanish language. As of version 2, it has been translated to the English language.

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