Lojik Kreyol



Learn in Creole how to write software. Aprann an Kreyol Programe Kompitè.

Lojik-Kreyol is a Video Web Series created in order to bring more technical skills to an Haitian Creole Speaking audience. Prepared in coordination with Mezanmi Technologies Inc. with the intent to help Haitians or Creole speakers to stay competitive in the IT market and to foster greater investments in terms of software development, processes and technology in general toward Haiti.

Our goal is to build a network of professionals who are able to compete with their international counterparts from India, China, Brazil and other developing countries.

The area covered are Web Development, Quality Assurance, Training, Development Methodologies and many other software processes.

Lojik-Kreyol also specializes in personal, one-on-one training in any subject matter in the software process.

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