LOM Player Lite Pro

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    LOM Player Lite is an application for performing language learning videos and subtitles.
    Videos can be played if a format that can be played on your device. Subtitle file formats are supported by the general SRT.
    And,You can also download the video and subtitles also TED Talks.
    In LOM Player, you can view decompose each word When you select a phrase that can be displayed at the same time the translation and language in learning and video.

    If the tap of the word is carried out, it can investigate by the dictionary application etc. which were installed in the terminal in use by the text share function.

    Also, you can be able to view a list of phrases that word is used in the video and add it to your favorites to both phrases, words further, you will can see later on.

    The main features:
    • Support of video formats that can be played on Android
    • Supports SRT file (subtitle file), multiple subtitle files
    •Selection of subtitle files, adjust the display time of the subtitle file
    • Layout of the three types of video playback, vertical, horizontal, full-screen playback
    • Can also change the font size can be displayed at the bottom or top of the subtitle when playing full-screen
    • If you press and hold the phrase, I repeat playback.
    • When you tap a phrase, we show that by decomposing phrases into words.
    • When you tap a word, to transfer dictionary app that is installed on your phone
    •Favorite phrases, words. Later you can check your favorite phrases and words.
    •Sharing words and phrases
    • You can send the external translators apps to phrases and words.
    •Speech by the text-to-speech of the Android standard phrases and words.
    • The text-to-speech can use available in English, British English, French, German, Italian

    Internal storage (sdcard), external storage (external_sd) can be used, the location of the file can be changed at any time in the Settings screen.
    Subtitle file supports the format only SRT.
    Character code of subtitle file, it reads in UTF-8. If garbled, please try to change the character code in the editor, such as PC.

    If you want to learn English, you are advised to "LOM Player" built-in Japanese-English dictionary.

    Omissions, etc. If you have any requests, please feel free to send us by email or comment.