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Lucidity - Lucid Dream Journal's review


The journal app which helps you dream lucidly

  • Great UI and clean design
  • Detailed dream analysis with graphs, stats and filtering
  • No cloud-based storage (so SD get's full quickly)
  • Alerts need some fine tuning

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"Consciously unconscious"

This clever little app helps you regularly have lucid dreams (the kind where you know you're dreaming, so it's a lot more vivid and intense), by keeping your detailed dream journal.

Here’s how Lucidity - Lucid Dream Journal rolls: The app has alerts which remind you to tap in last night’s dream, take regular ‘reality checks,’ and read back through your epic dream journal at night. As you build your compendium of dreams, Lucidity analyzes them and shows you recurring patterns. Eventually, you are a fully trained, consciously unconscious dreamer.

It’s a handsome little thing that features colorful graphs and stats and a built-in wiki to teach you more about lucid dreams. Tag, search and filter your dreams and find recurrent dream patterns. In-app purchase also features audio recording and an automatic dark theme.

It would be super useful if the app were to offer a cloud-based storage system. As things stand, your SD card gets filled up pretty quickly. The notifications systems seems to need a little tuning up to (alerts don't always happen when they are supposed to).

All in all, the UI is sleek and this app is a simple yet effective way of recording your dreams, whether you reach lucidity or not. Christopher Benz is the developer.

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by Jayne , Appszoom

Oct 20, 2014

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