Manzoli Physics



Here you can find theory and tools to calculate and find the answers for some basic fields of physic, such as:

***Uniform Motion
***Variable Motion
***Principle of Action and Reaction

*Electromagnetism (Section available! Check this out now!)
**Ampère's Law
**Faraday's Law

Manzoli Physics was developed by us for a simple, but really important goal: say our thanks to our great professor José Eduardo Manzoli. For those who doesn't know him, this guy is one of the master of physics and we had the chance to learn from him.

This is not an advanced physic application, but it is pretty useful for those who are getting start in the physic's world.

Our main goal was to develop a tool which you could find the anwsers for your doubts and also SHARE them with whoever you want on Facebook!

The anwsers come quicker when you share what you want to know with the world!

We believe and really hope Manzolli Physics can help you out with your daily school works. Give it a try and let us know your opinion, it is really welcome!

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