Match Cards Game for Toddlers

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    Toddlers Match Cards Animals Game

    Great colorful pictures for children 2 to 6 years

    Educational memory learning for toddlers and young kids.

    "Toddlers Match Cards Animals Game" is an educational and entertaining game for kids and toddlers between the ages 2 to 6 years old.

    The game contains colorful graphics and cheerful sounds to keep children interested and motivated to figure out where the animals are placed. Toddlers Match Cards Animals Game offers a great learning exercise and a fundamental introduction of toddlers and young kids to the physics of digital movements as well as train there thoughts.

    By completion of each game, fireworks and happy cheering will indicate that the game has been solved correctly.

    An exclusive parent control feature allows parents to control sound, navigation, start and finish of the game.

    Toddlers Match Cards Animals Game provides a unique experience of educational technology and computer aided learning.

    Runs on both phones and tablets in HD.

    Toddlers Match Cards Animals Game contains 3 different levels of play.

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