Math 2 Guide



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Those who ignore Math lose out on many well-paying future career opportunities that demand skills like problem solving, reasoning and solid decision making.

If you want the foundation of this subject at your fingertips in a fun, easy-to-follow format, then this guide is for you!

Math 2 contains over 400 rules, definitions and examples, covering fractions, decimals, ratios, proportions, percent, probability, graphs, square roots, metric conversions and more.

Topics include:

1. Fractions
2. Fractions (continued)
3. Like & Equivalent Fractions
4. Common Denominator
5. Finding the Least Common Multiple (LCM)
6. Comparing Fractions
7. Expressing Fractions in Simplest Form
8. Improper Fractions & Mixed Numbers
9. Adding Like Fractions
10. Adding Unlike Fractions
11. Subtracting Fractions
12. Multiplying Fractions
13. Dividing Fractions
14. Decimal Equivalents for Common Fractions
15. Decimal Equivalents (continued)
16. Ratio
17. Proportion
18. Solving Proportion Problems
19. Percent
20. Solving Percent Problems
21. Percent: Sales Tax, Discount
22. Percent: Commission Rate
23. Percent: Investment Amount
24. Simple Interest
25. Compound Interest
26. Finding the Real Yearly Interest Rate
27. Finding the Real Yearly Interest Rate (continued)
28. Powers of Numbers
29. Square Root
30. Square Root (continued)
31. Square Root of Numbers 1-100
32. Probability
33. Three Kinds of Averages
34. Problem Solving
35. Picture Graphs
36. Bar Graphs
37. Line Graphs
38. Circle Graphs
39. Measurements: Length/Distance
40. Measurements: Weight
41. Measurements: Liquid Capacity
42. Measurements: Dry Capacity
43. Converting Area/Volume
44. Changing Metric Units
45. Conversion Formulas
46. Tables of Measure: Linear/Area/Volume
47. Tables of Measure: Liquids/Dry/Counting
48. Tables of Measure: Time/Circular
49. Tables of Measure: American & British Variances
50. Number Prefixes
51. Number Prefixes (continued)
52. Mathematical Symbols
53. About Math 2
54. Support Page
55. Search Function

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