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2) Operations with digits 0 to 20

Help your preschool and early elementary school children learn their numbers and master basic arithmetic skills with Kids Numbers and Math.

A pleasant-sounding teacher guides, encourages, and congratulates the children as they progress through the activities. A series of exciting sound effects punctuates your child’s taps and salutes them with uplifting chimes each time the problem is successfully completed, an option parents can customize within the app’s preferences menu.

- Counting
Children can learn their numbers from 0 to 5 in demo version (20 in full version) by counting up, or down, using the app’s large, kid-friendly back and forward buttons.

- Recognizing and Comparing Numbers
Two activities specifically encourage your child’s number comparison and recognition skills: Find the Largest Number and Find the Smallest Number.

- Finding a Match
Parents can encourage their child’s memory skills with the Find a Match game. Based on the classic turn-over tile memory game format, children are prompted to find the matching numbers hiding beneath a field of cloud-shaped tiles. The number of clouds can be set in the context menu for this activity.

- Learning Addition and Subtraction
Two activities guide children through the basics of addition and subtraction using apples and pears, and a third, advanced exercise, combines the two.

Children are given a problem to solve, four answer choices, and visual clues to help them find the right answer.

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