Math Quiz High School



This math app aimed at senior high school (can also be used at first year in college) is a fun way to practice your math skills and check how much you know. It's made as quiz with 7 different categories where you can try your skills.

There is also a high score list so you can keep track of which categories where you might need to work on the material and which you are doing great! Many of the questions also have small explanations to help you out if you answer wrongly.

The questions are chosen randomly each time so you can try out the same category a few times and still get new questions in mathematics.

There is also a search function so you can use it as a math reference as well as a quiz.

The categories included are:
Differential calculus
Vectors in 2D and 3D
Geometry in 2D and 3D
Functions of 1 variable (f(x) = ..)
Vector funtions
Differential equations.

Have Fun and learn!
(note: this app is only in English)

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