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Math Test Prep – 3rd Grade is a Math App to review key concepts and take practice tests. It uses adaptive learning technology to make sure the questions are tailored to your student’s actual progress.
Math can be a daunting subject if you are not prepared. Be proactive and monitor your students progress regularly by using Math Test Prep - 3rd Grade. The app uses adaptive learning technology to make sure the questions are tailored to your students actual progress. As soon as your student masters the basic concepts in a given topic, the application adjusts the questions to focus on increasingly higher level concepts in that topic. To encourage kids to continue, they earn badges as they master key concepts in a given topic.
We have researched syllabus from multiple states and multiple school systems and compiled a comprehensive list of topics and questions that are grade relevant.The exhaustive list of topics covers Number Sense, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Decimals, Time, Measurement, Algebra, Critical Thinking, Probability, Money and graphs. Within each topic the questions cover from simple to complex and uses different styles such as word questions, visual questions, equations etc.
The app offers 3 modes offering increasing level of challenge. Classic mode allows the student to learn and take practice tests at their own pace and without any pressure or distractions. Challenge mode encourages accuracy and consistency and rewards the student with points. Time Trial mode simulates Math competition by offering time constrained tests while offering the opportunity to earn more points by being accurate, consistent and quick.
The app allows the parent/coach to enable only certain topics so that the quiz can be focused on only those topics. This allows the parent/coach to fine tune the quiz to the needed areas. The application keeps tracks of all the quizzes taken and provides a detailed analysis of how many questions from each area were answered correctly. By focusing efforts and making sure the student has mastered each topic, the parent/coach can ensure a solid math foundation for the student.
The Quiz Results can be emailed to teachers/coaches.
Math Prep Grade 3 is designed for the student and family looking for an advantage in building solid foundation of math skills:
- Study anywhere and learn at your own pace
- A panel of experienced teachers have chosen appropriate questions suitable for 3rd grade level
- Review and Practice questions related to each topic
- The student is encouraged to continue as he/she earns badges
- 3 modes offering increasing level of challenge
- Great for classrooms or at home
- Take quizzes multiple times
- Customize quizzes to focus on specific topics
- Track student progress
- Great as a summer activity
Our education division is guided by a panel of experienced teachers and all the topics and questions are carefully selected to suit the appropriate grade level. We have made our best efforts to keep the questions accurate and relevant to the grade level, but we appreciate user feedback and strive to improve the app by incorporating that feedback. Please send your comments and suggestions to

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