Math to the Rescue Game



Playful fully animated educational math game in which kids practice basic arithmetic and algebraic math skills in addition and subtraction on a number line(and, for more advanced users, multiplication and division) while rescuing people in dire circumstances in five different scenarios.

Instead of boring flash cards, fun and engaging animated play action in the game keeps the students interested, while multiple levels and various game and number-line settings allow parents or teachers to set degree of difficulty that fits the student.

The math difficulty level can be as low as adding and subtracting numbers 0 through 10, or as high as solving equations such as 2.4*X+Y=6.5. But for the student, solving the math problem is not the goal. Rescuing someone is the goal, the math and arithmetic and algebra involved in problem solving is just the method of playing the game.

Learn math while playing!

* Children's Technology Review Editor's Choice

"Your Kids Don’t Like Math? This Game Can Help Kids Find Pleasure From Learning Math - Editor's Pick from"

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