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This app has a lot of useful tools consisting of the following.

-Factor Tree
You can factor up to 9 digits. Occasionally a big number will cause it to be slow until it is done factoring. The program did not crash, it is just thinking.
-Prime Checker
Can check if a number is prime (Up to 15 digits). It will
tell you you if it is prime or not prime using animation.
-Multiplication Quiz
The goal of the game is to get the pirate to his booty.
He will move up if you get a question correct, and back if you get a question wrong. It also keeps track of the amount of times you got a question correct and incorrect. The numbers that it can be are between 1 - 12 for both the numerator and denominator.
-Simplify Fractions
A tool to help you simplify fractions, if the fraction is not already simplified. It will attempt to simplify a fraction of up to 8 digits.ex(10/100 = 1/10)
-Decimal to Fraction
This will take a decimal and turn it into a simplified fraction. You are allowed to type in a decimal number of up to 9 digits. Although a 9 digit decimal will take a little
longer to convert.(ex .25 = 1/4)

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