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Get Math Workout for training your brain!

Math has 180 exercises to help to improve your math skills, you can practice different types of math including: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponentiation, nth root, square root, fraction, order of operations, arithmetic operations with negative and positive numbers.

If you need help, see in Math Formulas section!

These exercises also have benefits for adults with the following symptoms:

- increasing forgetfulness
- difficulty remembering people's names, spelling words and expressing thoughts.

In order to maintain your mental health, to develop logic and memory, you have to exercise your brain every day.

The brain exercises help to increase the delivery of oxygen, blood and various amino acids to large regions of the brain.
The benefits come from activating the largest sections of the prefrontal cortex.
The result is more neurons and neural connections, which are characteristic of a healthy brain.

Improve your brain health with Math Workout!

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