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With 420 unique multiple-choice test questions, Maths Examstutor is a comprehensive GCSE Maths exam revision app. Instant feedback for each question helps you identifying the correct response to any questions you get wrong. Reinforcing your understanding of key topics you can be examined on at GCSE.

★ This version of the app is intended for use by subscribers to, and is initially set to demonstration mode, and can be fully unlocked by entering your examstutor login details.

★ A paid version of this app is available separately in the Android Market.

Combined with the facility to link to further revision support on used by leading schools and colleges across the UK, this app will be updated with additional topic tests and questions throughout your studies.

Revise a specific Topic, or create Random Tests, with questions drawn from all key topics in a specific Unit, or from across the entire GCSE, including Foundation and Higher courses.

GCSE Maths is a qualification studied by UK and international students prior to attending College. This app can be used by anyone wishing to refresh of improve their understanding of Mathematics.

Features include:
· Topic Tests: Covering Foundation and Higher exam topics
· Random Tests: Choose the number of questions randomly drawn from either the entire A level or the unit you are currently revising.
· Instant Feedback : Correct Answers identified if you get a question wrong, reinforcing learning.
· Report Card : tracking your performance in all the tests you take, whilst charting your understanding of each topic prior to you sitting exams.

Topics covered include:
Algebraic Fractions
Balancing and Expanding Brackets
Changing the Subject and Inequalities
Drawing Linear Equations
Expanding Brackets and Factorising Expressions
Factorising and Solving Quadratics
Quadratic equations and functions
Solving Quadratic Equations
Solving Simultaneous Equations
Box Plot, and Cumulative Frequency Graph
Data Handling
Frequency and Group Frequency
Mean, Mode and Median
Stem and Leaf, Quartiles and Range
Interest, Percentage Loss and Gain
Product of Primes, HCF and LCM
Ratios and Percentages
Rules of Fractions
Rules of Indicies and Standard Form
Area (Triangle, Parallelogram, Trapezium, Polygon)
Constructions and Loci
Enlargement and Similar Shapes
Internal and external angles
Parallel lines and angles
Parts of a Circle
Circle Theorems
Simple Angle Facts and Areas
The Circle and Pi
Volume, Surface Area and Dimensions

Levels include:
· Foundation
· Higher

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