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    Geometry, in the field of mathematics, deals with the study of size, relative position and shape of figures and spatial properties. Learning basic geometry is compulsory in schools around the world hence terms like area, right triangle, hypotenuse, parallel lines, intersection etc. will not be new to you. The origin of geometry can be traced to the study of the volumes, areas and lengths sometime in the 6th century BC. Euclidean geometry was developed in the 3rd century BC which formed the basis for all the future research. Archimedes added his ideas for calculating volumes and areas. Geometric problems were primarily formulated in the field of astronomy. People who practiced geometry were known as geometers. The advent of algebra had a major impact on the field of geometry. Now it is possible to represent plane curves with equations and functions. This led to the development of calc
    ulus in the years to come. The formulation of the theory of perspective led to the formulation of projective geometry. Gauss and Euler founded the field of differential geometry which involves the study of geometrical object structure. Accurate measure of area and volume of an object or a shape can be computed using geometrical formulas.

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