Maths Solutions



Maths Solutions is an educational app aimed primarily at 2nd level mathematics students while also covering a number of 3rd level topics.

The app functions as both a reference containing a large collection of useful formula and as a formula calculator for computing fully worked solutions to common exam questions.

Areas covered:

* Quadratic equations
* Matrices and systems of equations
* Indices and logarithms
* Factorials
* Permutations and combinations
* De Moivre's theorem
* Binomial theorem

Length and Area
* Triangle
* Parallelogram
* Trapezium
* Circle
* Arc and Sector

Surface Area and Volume
* Cylinder
* Frustum
* Cone
* Prism and pyramid
* Sphere

Sequences and Series
* Arithmetic sequence or series
* Geometric sequence or series

Area Approximations
* Trapezoidal rule
* Simpson's rule

* Common Derivatives and Rules
* Common function derivatives

* Common function integrals
* Integration rules

* Mean and standard deviation
* Binomial distribution
* Poisson distribution
* Standard normal distribution tables
* Normal Gaussian distribution
* Student's t-distribution
* Chi-squared distribution
* Confidence intervals
* Hypothesis testing formulae
* One-sample hypothesis testing

* Unit circle
* Triangle
* Right-angled triangle
* Compound and double angle formulae
* Products to/from sums and differences

* Vector notation
* Vector operations
* Co-ordinate geometry of line
* Co-ordinate geometry of circle

Economics and Finance
* Economics formulae
* Finance formulae
* Compound interest
* Annual percentage rate

* Periodic table of elements
* Principal shells and subshells
* Constants
* Boyle's and Charles' Laws
* Combined gas law
* Ideal gas law
* pH calculations

Mathematics is universal, but Irish Leaving Certificate students will find the app particularly relevant.

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