Maths Up : Volume I



1400 Maths questions covering all of the topics provided in the curricular of the main examining boards around the world.
The app is divided into 18 different categories with sub-categories giving a comprehensive coverage of the key areas, plus a further 25 sections to further help practice algebra and mental arithmetic.

List of Topics
1. Addition & subtraction
2. Algebra Equations
3. Algebra Like Terms
4. Algebra Sequences
5. Algebra Substitution
6. Angles & Shapes
7. Averages & Probability
8. Charts & Graphs
9. Co-ordinates
10. Decimal Division
11. Decimals Addition
12. Decimals All Types
13. Decimals Multiplication
14. Decimals subtraction
15. Fraction Percentage Ratio
16. Fractions Addition
17. Fractions All Types
18. Fractions Division
19. Fractions Multiplication
20. Fractions Subtraction
21. Fractions of an Amount
22. Miscellaneous
23. Missing Numbers
24. Multiplication
25. Multiplications
26. Number Equations
27. Number Machines
28. Number Values
29. Numbers
30. Percentages
31. Scale & Measure
32. Shape
33. Subtraction
34. Symmetry
35. Volume Area Perimeter

This app is ideal for all statutory assessment tests, formal examinations and vocation qualifications that contain a mathematic element up to Key Stage 4 (UK), Grades 4-9 (USA), Grades 2-8 (China) and any equivalent age groups

What do you need from the Maths-Up App?
1. All Mathematic type questions must be included.
2. The questions must be close to the format of the real tests set by examining boards.
3. All variances and difficulty levels must be included.
4. The App must give feedback on performance.
5. The App must contain enough questions for it to be used over and over again.

The Maths-Up App gives you all of the above. We believe that you should get what you need, so we provide you with 1400 unique questions in a single App; 900 curricular based questions plus 500 additional algebra and mental arithmetic questions and we give you a mock test facility that allows you to complete a randomized test with hundreds of possible variations.

The Tutors have over 15 years experience preparing children for selection tests, statutory assessment tests, state examinations and vocational qualifications, we have created one of the most comprehensive ranges of resources for Mathematics preparation up to the above gradings. We also publish 11+ verbal reasoning, English and vocabulary building resources; over 8 million questions have been purchased by schools, tuition centers and parents. The Tutors resources are recognized as being of the highest quality; when you use The Tutors resources you have the peace of mind that you are working with the best material available from a single author.

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