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Matrix Calculator Pro

Matrix Calculator Pro

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Matrix Total Calculator Pro is a simple and intuitive app:
it is a powerful tool to calculate decompositions and other various (15 by 15) matrix operations; MTC is able to do:

-Elementary Operation
Scalar Multiplication

-Derived Quantities

Cholesky decomposition
LU decomposition whit pivoting
QR decomposition
SVD - Singular Values decomposition
Eigenvalues - Eigenvectors

-Equation solution
Linear Systems M equations N unknowns

When you enter a value in a matrix, you can use the following

Operations: * / - + ^

sqrt(x)Calculates the square root of x
exp(x)Calculates e^x (e = Euler’s number)
ln(x)Calculates the natural logarithm (base e) of x
log(x)Calculates the logarithm (base 10) of x
sin(x)Calculates the sine of x
cos(x)Calculates the cosine of x
tan(x)Calculates the tangent of x
asin(x)Calculates the arcsine of x
acos(x)Calculates the arccosine of x
atan(x)Calculates the arctangent of x
The argument x can be a function. Example: log(sin(pi))
The argument x of the trigonometric functions is in radians

pi3.14159…Example: sin(2*pi)
eEuler number 2.71828…Example: 6e-5

On output, the values with point will be displayed with a fraction.


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