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    How many calculators have you ever used and what will you use them for?
    For most of time, we prefer to use calculators. Because they can give us the accurate result that we want immediately, especially the complex ones so that we can spare enough time to worry about some other matters.

    Have you ever heard the calculator called Matrix Calculator? You must have the doubt that:
    "I have ever heard and used scientific calculator, online calculator, graphing calculator or even function calculator, but what is the Matrix calculator? Is there something different and special for this type or kind of Matrix calculator? Well, it seems very interesting, why not I get more information of it? Who can give me a brief introduction of this Matrix calculator?"

    Follow me and I will introduce this calculator to you. Hope you can get what you want.
    Brief introduction:
    1.Matrix calculator is a total free app, which belongs to calculator but is superior to the ones that you have ever seen and used.
    2.Widely used for many kinds of people: Students, business man and white collar or more. Only if you have the need for one, you can get it.
    3.When you first launch this app, you may be confused by it. However, please do not worry. Be patient and see the following and you can be clear for what you can do.
    *How to input?
    There are one blank column on the top for you to input. You should separate columns with spaces and rows with semicolons. For example,123;789/[123;789]; For inputting a vector, it must start and end with arrow brackets . To input a column vector, you must start and end with square brackets and end with and apostrophe([123]'). Want to input a constant, there will be a popup window having a box to enter a constant value C.
    *How can you name?
    To name an object, enter the name in arrow brackets first, followed by an equals sign, and then the object.=

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