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College is coming soon. Are you ready?

With college looming in the very near future, it’s time to do more than just prepare. It’s time to maximize every moment between now and your first day of class!

The Max U college prep app does just that. From the best ways to save up for school to choosing the right college to getting the financial aid you need to afford it, Max U gives you clear steps that will crank your college prep to the max.

The Max U college prep app has many tools to help you get there:
College Cost Cruncher: Get a quick idea of how much college could cost
College Planning Calendar: Keep track of college deadlines
Exam Checklist Prep: Make sure you’re ready for the SAT and ACT
Brag Bank: Keep track of all the achievements you’ll want to include on your college applications
College Compare-izer: Compare your favorite schools to see which is the best fit for you
FAFSA Checker: Check your eligibility for federal financial aid

Nothing ensures success more than preparation. The Max U college prep app helps you take it to the max!

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