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The MCU simulator for Android OS runs Assembly Language code similar to the 68705 MCU on a simulated on-screen prototype board. Great for embedded applications hobbyists, students, teachers or anyone who likes to experiment with Micro-controller CPUs and electronic prototype boards. It's fun for learning Assembly language as well!

AndMCU simulates both software and hardware. As on a real prototype board, your ASM code must configure the MCU I/O ports to control the hardware connected to it, such as lighting up segments on the digits, or reading keystrokes from the keypad or dip-switches.

You can use the simple built-in text editor or any Android text editor of your choice to write your assembly code and then load it into AndMCU to run it.

The built-in assembler has many useful directives such as step-by-step trace mode, break-points, dumping memory contents to an HTML file, adjusting the CPU speed and auto-running the loaded code. It supports the following opcodes (subset of the 68705 MCU instruction set):


The AndMCU board simulates the following hardware components:

1) 8-Bit CPU with 3x 8-bit bi-directional ports.
2) 6 Digits display
3) 16-character LCD display
4) 2x 8-bit DIP Switches
5) 2x8 LED Bargraph displays
6) 12-key keypad
7) 1 piezo buzzer
8) External, Timer and Software Interrupts
9) 1 analog input (light sensor).

* Works with screen resolutions up to 1080x1920 (full-HD).

(This is not a fast CPU emulator - it's a simulator for educational purposes. See documentation on AndMCU's website for more details.)

You can try the Ad-based (free) version of AndMCU available in the GooglePlay market. The only limitation is that there is an ad banner and no flick-scrolling in the built-in editor.

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