Measure With Tape



This is a cool Maths learning app using which the child can learn to measure length of the objects with measuring tape and practice length measurement. The children would also learn to use decimals and fractions in measurement. All you need to do: An object will come - you need to hold and drag the tape to measure length of object. Then look at the reading on the tape and enter the reading in the meter at the bottom of the screen by setting the value (which can be whole number or a fraction value or a decimal value - e.g. few object may have value like 3 or 3 ¾ or 3.75). Touch the Robo-Buddy when you are done to know if you have measured correctly. The Robo-Buddy monitors the child’s progress and paces the complexity of the problem according to the performance of the child - starting from simple measurements to measurements which requires decimal values (e. g 2.50) to measurements involving fraction (e.g. 3 ¾ ). Thus role of decimal and fractions in measurement can be easily understood and length measurement can be practiced using practical examples.
Have fun, children!

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