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    A simple maths app that helps young children learn number names, recognise numerals, become familiar with the order of numbers and practise counting.

    Based on the award-winning educational television series shown on CBeebies and around the world, it’s a great way for children to have fun playing with the Numberjacks while helping them to develop some key areas of their mathematical knowledge:

    Scroll through the Numberjacks from Zero to Nine and hear the numbers count up and down.

    Tap the box to see the number as a quantity, a matching number of things. What will appear this time? Count along as you put the things back into the box one after the other.

    Explore the pictures of each Numberjack . Where else can you see the Numberjack's number?

    Look out in Google Play for full size Numberjacks apps, with lots of activities and levels that can be set to match and then stretch your child’s ability.

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