Mental Mathematics Free



As a reviewer pointed out, version 1.1 was very buggy. Update to get the fixed version.

This app allows you to easily learn and practice mental math, from the basics (2 digit + 2 digit multiplication addition) up to 3 digit squares!

-up to 3 digit + 3 digit addition and 3 digit 3 digit subtraction.
-up to 3 digit / 1 digit division.
-up to 2 digit * 2 digit multiplication.
-up to 3 digit squares.

And these are all interactive!

If you want more math, go get Mental Mathematics Paid (just released) for everything up to 5 digit numbers squared (Addition, subtraction, and division are not released yet.).

If you are having bug problems, PLEASE email me - knowing what the problem is is the only way it'll get better.

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