MiComm child communication app



MiComm is an app enabling children to express themselves before they are able to speak.

The parent sets up the app by taking photos, videos or audios of situations or objects while narrating it.
The child simply taps on the thumbnails to play the sounds or short clips. The longer the child uses the app, the more they learn (by way of repetition).

The app is fully customizable to fit various types of uses. For example:
Children who are not yet talking, can speak by pointing to what they want, and even build full sentences.
Speech therapists can record correct lip movements and the child can practice by watching and listening.
Children can learn to use sign language before they can speak. This app shows them how by watching short clips for words and sentences.
As a preparation for special occasions or holidays the child can watch clips of relevant subjects. For example, on family day he can play around with pictures of his relatives and friends.

The photos and clips you take are kept on the SD card and can be used outside this app.
This is a free version which includes ads.

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Text To Speech functionality provided by Vocalware.

If you are interested in localizing this app to your native language, please write me an e-mail to naphtul@gmail.com.
This app's developer is a father of a child with ASD who at six years of age is still not talking but is getting there.

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