Microsoft® Word 2010 VTC



Microsoft Word 2010 is surely the most powerful text editor of all times. It's capacities are mind-blowing: you can create a newspaper article, a full-scale calendar for printing, or even a webpage! Such functionality needs a good tutorial to get to know all of it. That's why we made this complete video training course for you.

Our video tutorials do not require much attention, so you can learn anything you wanted to know about MS Word literally at any convenient moment - travelling to work, working out in a gym, or relaxing just before going to sleep. You have just 1h 14min to learn it all.

Our course covers following topics:

1. Microsoft Word Shortcut Keys
2. How to Change Word 2010 Shortcut Keys
3. How to Modify the toolbars and keyboards in Microsoft Word 2010
4. How to Modify the Display and Document settings in Microsoft Word 2010
5. How to Hide Word 2010 ribbon
6. How to Change Microsoft Word 2010 Language
7. How to Set default Font in Word 2010
8. How to Disable Word 2010 Protected View
9. How to Encrypt a document in Microsoft Word 2010
10. How to Password-protect documents in Microsoft Word 2010
11. How to Sort text, numbers and tables in Microsoft Word 2010
12. How to Zoom Word 2010
13. How to Set Margins in Word
14. How to Change margins in Microsoft Word 2010
15. How to Set Line Spacing in Word
16. How to Change the line spacing in Microsoft Word 2010
17. How to Change Paragraph Spacing in Word
18. Section Breaks in Microsoft Word
19. How to Set Tabs in Word
20. How to Delete lines in Word
21. How to Drag Word in Microsoft Word 2010
22. How to Alphabetize in Word
23. How to Highlight in Word 2010 using keyboard
24. How to Use hyperlinks in Microsoft Word 2010
25. How to Use bookmarks in Microsoft Word 2010
26. Word Bullets and Numbering
27. How to Remove Formatting in Word
28. How to Set the Headers and footers in Microsoft Word 2010
29. How to Create footnotes and endnotes in MS Word 2010
30. How to Indent Text in Word
31. How to Wrap Text Rround Image in Word
32. How to Insert Columns in Word
33. How to Work with Newspaper Columns in Microsoft Word 2010
34. How to Annotate a text a book an article
35. How to Block Quotes in Word
36. How to Change Caps to Lowercase in Word
37. How to Create Text Box in Word
38. How to Insert Degree Symbol and Other Symbols in Word
39. How to Create an index in Microsoft Word 2010
40. How to Create a table of contents in MS Word 2010
41. How to Show Word Count in Microsoft Word 2010
42. How to Change Page Background Color in Microsoft Word 2010
43. How to Add Page Numbers in Word
44. How to Delete blank page in Word
45. How to Insert and Remove Page Break in Word
46. How to Choose paper size and source in Microsoft Word 2010

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