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    Missiongathering is San Diego's Neighborhood Church.

    But we are not your typical church.
    It's been said that Missiongathering is the church you always HOPED existed, but never knew did.

    Why do people say that? Perhaps it's because:

    - We believe that the love and grace of God is available for ALL.
    - We are centered around the life, teachings, death and resurrection of Jesus.
    - We are passionate about discovering God's Dream for Creation, and doing our best to live that out.
    - We seek the beauty and truth in all things, not dividing between "sacred" and "secular."
    - We are committed to teaching the Bible and taking it seriously as the inspired stories of the people of God.
    - We exist in and around the world of progressive Christianity, understanding that the Spirit of God is constantly on the move.

    In many ways, you truly have to come check us out sometime to understand how we co-exist in parts of the "conservative/evangelical" world (committed to Jesus, worship, church, Bible, etc) and yet also in parts of the "progressive/emergent" world (grace for all, interfaith dialogue, living the way of Jesus). We really don't fit in either camp, and we kind of like it that way. And guess what, if you feel like you too don't "fit" in to the world of church, then Missiongathering is definitely a place you can call home.

    If you cannot join us on Sundays at 10am (3090 Polk Ave San Diego CA 92104) then we invite you to download our App so that you can listen to the weekly teachings, watch videos that will encourage and inspire you, find out about what is going on in and around our church, and learn more about this community of grace.

    If you are already a regular attender of MG, then go ahead and load your phone/tablet with our App so that you can get up to date information on what's going on in the life of our church, stream the sermons you want to hear again, give your tithes/offerings if you can't make it to church, and re-watch that awesome video we just played on Sunday.

    This App is a great way to stay connected to Missiongathering or to learn more about who we are.

    Missiongathering… Welcome Home.

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