Mix & Match - Toddler Puzzle



Mix & Match is a simple puzzle game for toddlers.


Mix & Match characters list:
aligator, bee, boy, chick, chicken, cow, dog, dragon, duck, elephant, girl, granny, man, monster, moose, mouse, panda, penguin, porcupine, rhino, seahorse, seal, tiger, turtle, warlock

While playing the game, the screen will be devided to 3 stripes
With simple slide gestures you can combine the head, body and legs parts of the different characters.

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Your kids will enjoy combining funny variations and will hear a sound feedback when completing a correct character.

Mix & Match features stunning graphics and supports 15,625 different variations.

Mix & Match was designed to fit youngsters of 1-5 years old.

Mix And Match supports all android machines running version 2.2 and up. that includes the various kinds of tablets.

This game includes child lock to prevent accidental market access by toddlers.

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