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Modern Chinese Dictionary (6th edition) instructions written by the State Council, the Modern Chinese Dictionary, the authority of the new China's first One Ministry specification mass readership, the essential tool of national education. "Modern Chinese Dictionary" is the best on Android, the fastest query speed, most comprehensive and most modern Chinese dictionaries operating experience, a comprehensive collection of the latest version of the dictionary, Chinese dictionary, idiom dictionary, idiom stories. Fast, accurate, detailed, complete, detailed, in-depth, is the most important feature of the dictionary. The software collects Chinese GB Chinese characters, Chinese characters collected complete, authoritative, scientific, professional, excellent learning tool assistant.
Software Features:
Built idiom dictionary
2 built-in Modern Chinese Dictionary
3 built-in idiom story
4 built-in Xinhua Dictionary
5, full support for high-definition screen, including QHD screen as well as the android Pad supports a resolution of 960 x 540 screen
Solve the high-definition screen display icons and text too small
6, optimization the kanji Retrieval - Intelligent Chaizi, function.
7, the settlement procedures frequently retrieval operations occasionally abnormal exit the phenomenon.
8, correction check the word limit protection, the original investigation Pinyin only search to no more than 50, the limit is too low This release fixes problem.
9, repair 'fen' series characters, not retrieve.
10, to repair the screen anyway frequent switching and memory operations frequent problem.
11, the framework and the interface is completely redesigned, adding a great element of beautify
8, support for multi-core phone, the the processing retrieval can be switched at the same time and any other operation outside than retrieval.
9, to optimize new smart Chaizi search function.
10, the perfect support full touch screen, while perfect support horizontal screen.

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