Monsta Points Reward Charts

Monsta Points Reward Charts

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"It’s much more fun than sticking little shiny stars on sticker chart. ” –
“it’s a great system to track daily responsibilities, chores and rewards for kids. It might even turn whining into laughing. ” –

Do you need help motivating your kids to share the work around the house or try harder at school? Monsta Points is a reward (and chore!) chart app that is easy to use, and gives kids a fun way to learn life skills.

With Monsta Points reward charts you will be able to:
•Build child's sense of responsibility, using positive reinforcement
•Motivate your kids to earn rewards they choose for themselves by doing chores at home
•Easily manage the agreed-upon goals and rewards

Your children can use Monsta Points to:
•Agree goals with you for chores to do around the house (take out the trash, make the bed, do homework, brush teeth) - there are hundreds of choices.
•Pick their own reward for completed chores, and create wish lists for the things they really want.
•Create and save their own personal “Monsta” in the app - there are more than 700,000 possible combinations!

Using the instant rewards capability of Monsta Points, there is no more hunting around for pocket change delaying a well-earned reward – and you can easily reinforce the positive effect of a job well done.

Monsta Points assigns each child (and parent if you want!) with a funny monsta character that can be customized within the app's Monsta Lab. You can apply different bodies, color, accessories and even the mood of your monsta easily.

Top features:
- Easy to use and fun interface encourages child to use the app and mark the proceedings
- Customizable monsta avatars
- Goals assignable to weekdays
- You can assign several rewards per goal, and several goals per reward
- Draggable editing of goals and rewards
- Customizable goal descriptions, and icons
- Wish lists
- PIN code protectable parent mode
- User wish lists used as a source of rewards
- Total earned points per family member and for the whole family
- No internet connection or logging in needed unless you want to sync
- Sync between all your android and iOS devices by setting up an account
- Up to 7 monstas per family

This application contains one in-app purchasing item, which is only available in parent mode. Parent mode can be protected with a pin code by the parent. The in-app purchasing item lets the user to continue using the software after the initial trial. The length of the trial is based on parent activity. This is a one-time purchase after which no additional purchase options are offered.

Recently changed in this version

Added possibility to edit items in summary lists
Increased the maximum number of monstas to seven per family
Minor bug fixes here and there

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Comments and ratings for Monsta Points Reward Charts
  • (58 stars)

    by Alexa Contreras on 10/07/2014

    Please make it stop I don't want to buy points how can I get them away from my chore. My kids finish all chore then when I try to add more it say buy points I need help. I love this app but that is the only problem.

  • (58 stars)

    by ErinJim Mclaughlin on 09/07/2014

    Doesn't save changes I make. Points don't make sense. Gotta be easier apps out there

  • (58 stars)

    by Seven Rivers on 07/07/2014

    The app is very well designed and can be linked with your spouses device through a login and password feature so you can both work together with your children. I had a minor issue; I sent an email on a Sunday and received a reply with a solution the next morning. Thanks for this great app.

  • (58 stars)

    by alia hirsch on 07/07/2014

    I LOVE THE APP! My kids are excited to use it and recieve points. However there are a somethings that would make it perfect for my family of 5 children (4 of them using the app). I would like to be able to...1. edit the added chore. 2. create a custom chore list that can be used with all the children. 3. add multiple chores at once. 4. Give rewards a point value. So when a child has accumi

  • (58 stars)

    by Nicole Scherer on 02/07/2014

    You can only add 5 monsters. Well I have 6 monster so it just didn't work. Fix that and I will try it again. Didn't get too far but the monster idea was cute.

  • (58 stars)

    by Allie Parodi on 28/06/2014

    I see parent mode, but is there a way to have two devices synced together. The child can see his or her progress on the child's device and the parent can mark progress on the parent's device.

  • (58 stars)

    by Mckenzie Henderson on 27/06/2014

    It helped my kids actually WANT to do chores 100% good!!