Montreat College Mobile




    The Montreat College Mobile app offers a new way to explore Montreat College’s campuses, whether by foot or by mobile device. The app gives the user a glimpse into campus life through providing a profile for each Montreat College facility. Each location has a photo gallery as well, illustrating the architecture and activity of every spot on campus.

    There are two ways to access the Montreat College Mobile app. If you are on the Montreat College campus, you can take a self-guided tour using the app. When you approach a building, there will be a QR code on the door. Scan the code, and you can access that location on the Montreat College Mobile app. Each time you scan a QR code at a facility, you “check in” at that location. Work through each of the checkpoints, and you will have a full campus tour without needing an appointment.

    If you download the app from the AppStore, you can virtually tour the campus. Click on each checkpoint on the map and flip through the photo gallery to get a sense of the college. We hope this little taste of our beautiful campus will inspire you to see it in person for yourself.
    Our Campus Map app offers other features as well, such as a directory and a general photo gallery. Like what you see on the campus map? You can call our Admissions Office directly from the directory and set up a time to come to our next open house.

    Check out the stunning landscape of Montreat College. Explore our cozy campuses. Dive into our new Montreat College Mobile app. We are glad you came to visit us. We hope you’ll stay awhile and enjoy.

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