Charts and Viewing
• English language supported for charts and dashas.
• Versatile feature of Selecting tropical or Sidereal Astrology along with various Ayanamsa, Vedic and Popular Western House system in order to allow the user of different needs.
• Default Circular Style which can simultaneously be viewed the Rashi, House, Navamsa and Nakshatra along with the Option to choose the Western Style, North, South Indian Style, and Myanmar (East Indian) Style
• The Natal Charts with clients and location names with data can easily be saved for future retrieval. And allow the user to delete the unnecessary and obsolete chart data.
• The Detailed Position of each and every planets can be seen both in names and symbols of the planet, together with Declination of each planet.
• The Midpoint of Houses showing in Rashi, Navamsa, in Nakshatra table together with the cusps points.

• Inter-planetary aspects are reported both in Vedic as well as in Western Aspects.
• Planetary Aspect to the Mid-point of the Houses can be viewed both in Vedic as well as in Western Aspects.

• Vimshottari Dasha is provided up to 3 levels.
• Individual Main, Sub and Sub-Sub Dasha Reports can be viewed depending on the required period.

• Using Swiss Ephemeris, the MOTAA HORO gives you the monthly ephemeris report.

OS: Above Android 2.2

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