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This application simulates the motion of celestial objects under the force of their gravity. Motion Planet computes the trajectories of the objects by implementing the fourth order Runge-Kutta numerical method. The app models our solar system based on true data obtained from NASA on January 1st 2008.

The app has the following features:

> Simulation and Graphics:
Allows the user to add celestial objects with different masses at any position he/she likes. The user can set the initial velocity of the body by flicking his/her finger on the screen.

Ability to change the time-step, thereby allowing the user to vary the accuracy and speed of the simulation.

Option to add and simulate objects in our own solar system, or to create an entirely new solar system from scratch.

Contains zooming and panning controls for the simulation view.

> Solar System Information
Users can view the following data of the Sun, the 8 planets and the Moon:
Physical characteristics : Mass, Radius, Escape velocity etc.
Orbital characteristics : Aphelion, Perihelion, Orbital perid etc.
Atmospheric data : Surface pressure and composition.

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