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    Research doesn't have to be heavy: the Max Planck Society's science magazine, MaxPlanckResearch, is now also available as a free eMagazine to read on your iPad or Android tablet. The eMagazine fills you in on the history behind the stories – thoroughly researched and written in an accessible manner. Renowned science journalists visit the research institutes of the Max Planck Society and look over the shoulders of scientists while they go about their work. This is how we deliver first-hand reports on what science is up to today and will achieve tomorrow.
    Alongside topical short reports as well as the sections Physics & Astronomy, Biology & Medicine, Matter & Material, Environment & Climate, and Culture & Society, every issue contains a special focus on a specific subject. The articles cover all areas of current fundamental research – from cosmic objects on the frontiers of space and time through ecological and social systems, up to the molecular and atomic structures on which the inanimate world is based.
    The MaxPlanckResearch eMagazine is published four times a year, both in German and English. Subscribing to the new eMagazine means you will be able to read all issues on your ipad or Android tablet.

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