Multilingual Dictionary



This application allows you to view more Tablet dictionaries without internet connection.

Dictionaries are placed on the SD card after you have loaded your wishes.
Database HyperFile Windev Powerful.

Search: Starts With: from ... or contains '**** FOR ***'

Reading words and definitions to speech (excluding internet) (English-Spanish-German-Italian fluently loads on the shelves)
Search with voice recognition (with Internet access)

English <---> French 40 MB 80000 + Words and Phrases (Type grammatical)
German <---> French 16 MB 80000 + Words and Phrases (Type grammatical)
Spanish <---> French 5MB 30000 Words and Phrases
Italian <---> French 10MB 34000 Words and Phrases
Portuguese <---> French 3MB 10000 Words and Phrases
Turkish <---> French 16MB 70000 Words and Phrases
Brazilian <---> French 2MB 10000 Words and Phrases

Bonus French dialect
Corsica <---> French 700 KB
Alsatian <---> French 800 KB
Breton <---> French 400 KB

You can complete lesdictionnaires with
Entering your personal words, phrases in all languages

English -> Search by themes (Commercial, Medical, Computer, Legal, architecture, audio visual)

Minimum Android version 3.2 (HyperFile Windev)
Updated 12/28/2013
Full size 100 MB

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