Musical Flash Cards



FlipMyCards presents a lovely flip book describing the various musical instruments that your child ought to know. Take a look.

Learn about the different types of instruments.(This is ad free version and include 50 different musical instruments and their inherent sounds)

Flip to listen for any instrument to hear it.

You can also search for a particular instrument and listen its pronunciation and its inherent sound !

PS: Music is Mathematical & Improves Reasoning Capacity, So make you child learn some of the musical instrument and it can start from here!

The sounds includes are accordion, agogo bells, bagpipes, banjo, baritone, bassoon, bongos, bugle, castanets, cello, chimes, clarinet, clarinet, claves, clef, conga, cornet, cymbal, drum, flugelhorn, flute, gong, guitar, harmonica, harp, horn, kettledrum, lute, mandolin, mandolin, maracas, oboe, piano, piccolo, saxophone, sousaphone, timbales, timpani, triangle, trombone, trumpet, vibraphone, violin, & xylophone.

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